3 Best Caves For Adventurous Wild Caving Tours Massachusetts

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Caving, commonly known as spelunking, is the famous sport of exploring caves. Wild caving tours Massachusetts is a must-visiting tour for caving lovers. A large number of caves are present in the world of which less than half have been explored. Caving is an adventurous sport that includes walking, climbing, hiking, crawling, and swimming. Exploring unknown caves is much more exciting than going to a cave where thousands of people have visited. Planning caving takes months but the implementation of the moment trips is also possible if you know the cave, required gear, and caving itself. Wild caving tours in Massachusetts needs to be properly planned as it can be quite dangerous. In case of emergency, rescue attempts become very dangerous due to the difficult terrain. You should never go for it alone. When it comes to caving, preparation is extremely important. You should always go for caving with a guide, extensive research, map, and proper equipment.

Know About The Best Caves For Wild Caving Tours Massachusetts

Before planning to cave, you must go through the deep description of the caves to pre-plan the whole route of the tour. Continue reading to know more.

Four Elements Salt Cave

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There is an enchanting salt cave in Massachusetts. If you head down to Westport, you will enter the most relaxing kind of cave on the earth. This cave is man-made that is lined with pink Himalayan salt. This unique type of cave is inside the Four Elements Salon and Spa. When settled in a zero-gravity lounger, you can check the health benefits of salt therapy. The cozy yet soothing environment makes you feel out of the world. You will find it’s one of the best places for wild caving tours in Massachusetts.

Belcher’s Cave

This is a large cave with a narrow opening covered by trees and huge stones. It is located near Great Barrington, Massachusetts. People planning for wild caving tours in Massachusetts keep this place at the top of their list of must-visiting places. It is all because of its amazing history of a silversmith, Gill Belcher, who set up a printing and coining operation back in 1765 and was arrested seven years later. This cave is a 30 feet long natural chamber that is 10 feet wide. Here, locals feel very much excited to direct visitors.

King Philip’s Cave

This cave in Norton, Massachusetts, is around ashore, 30 miles south of Boston. Back in the past, it was occupied by Wampanoag inhabitants who fished and slammed here. In 1675 at the time of the Metacom’s Rebellion, popularly known as the First World War, the Wampanoag chef used this cave to hide. People usually prefer to visit this place to know more about its amazing history.


The above-mentioned caves are top placed in the list of caves to be visited while on the wild caving tours in Massachusetts. I hope you find it helpful!

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