A Guide to Caves To Visit in Utah

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Caves in Texas are not just fun places to go; they are also the sites where ancient cultures and civilizations laid thousands of years worth of secrets. Whether you are a history buff or simply love looking for amazing cave art, there are more than 100 state parks with caves for you to explore. Here are your favorite five most interesting caves to visit in Texas, plus a great map to help you determine which ones to go to! Red River Canyon State Park: This is a wonderful park for all ages and types of adventures. It is located in the Red River drainage and is about an hour’s drive north of Austin. This is a great family-friendly place to take your kids for a day trip, and the Cave Walk lets you walk through the caves themselves.

An Overview

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Theses are two popular attractions in the parks that range from being a fairly easy hiking trail to being up to ten miles long underground river trekking. The Spring Cave Trailhead is about seven miles long and offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas including the three cinder cones on the ends of the trails. The Red River Canyon State Park is a two hundred mile long underground river that offers panoramic rock formations, abundant wildlife and caves for you to explore.

The Cave Bear’s Cave is located in Biggs Mountains National Forest in Texas near Conroe. In addition to the cave bear exhibits, the bears’ cave offers night tours, a restaurant and picnic area. The Spring Canyon Trail is also in the Red River Canyon. It is twenty miles long and offers spectacular views of the canyon, brushlands and mesas that rise steeply from the Colorado Plateau. This is a great adventure tour for all ages.

Utah Cave Visit Facts

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Another popular attraction in the Red River Canyon is the Cedar Creek Camping Area, which is about thirty miles long and has numerous sites with excellent camping. The Three Caves To Visit and the Cedar Cottage Camping Area offer scenic camping in comfortable sites that have access to miles long sandy beaches. These camping sites are close to the major highways and the only required equipment is a one way radio. The Spring Canyon Trail, five miles long, is another popular hiking adventure in the Red River Canyon.

Hiking is the best way to see the more remote formations in the Red River Canyon. There are several companies in the Red River region that offer guided treks into the more remote areas that you won’t find on any map without the help of a guide. Most tour packages include a helicopter ride over the formations so you can experience the formation firsthand without having to hike through the caves.

Another state park that offers an exciting adventure into caves is the Mammoth Cave State Park. The Black Cave Tour operates several days each month and offers up to two hours of scenic cave touring at various points in the cave. You’ll be able to see a variety of formations such as the Leadville Lava Tube, San Miguel Lava Tube, and several other formations that vary in difficulty. This is also a good place to get a crash course in caving experience. A guided tour of the park is available from May through October.

One of the best places to see caving while vacationing in Utah is Grand Circle State Park. There are several different trails that allow you to see different formations including the San Juan, Weber, and Greenstone faults. All of these can be reached by taking a train ride to the Grand Circle Loop. The best times for this type of trip are early in the morning or late in the evening when the Park gets full. You’ll then be able to travel to the four main Grand Circle Falls which includes the violet quartz waterfall, the juniper-lined Spring Canyon, and the waterfalls themselves.

Bottom Line

Finally, there are several more places to go while vacationing in Utah. There are Black Canyon Skywalk tours in Cedar City, West Rim Trailhead Tours in Cedar City, and numerous other guided tours of the state park and other formations. It is also possible to get your picture taken in a photo booth at the state park. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination!

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