All you need to know about the Forest caves

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The forest caves were formed by the slow, drip-water erosion of stalactites and stalagmites that created the ceilings and floors of underground caverns. The caves weathered for thousands of years before becoming a natural wonder! The cavities, which are now filled with groundwater, were originally formed when rainwater was concentrated in deep pools and then trickled into cracks and crevices to create more water. While most insects depend on plants to eat leaves or flowers, some species have evolved unique feeding techniques. This is also a famous game. Let’s look into it!


A tree in a forest

There are three primary entries to the forest cave game. The first involves playing through the forest where the game was found. The player will be led to the cave by a mysterious figure, who leaves them at its entrance. They can find their way back by following their footprints in the snow.

The second option is called “The Gift”. There are three chests hidden throughout the forest, but all three must be found before unlocking The Gift. If they are not, then it will disappear and not reappear until another playthrough of Forest Cave or Valley Cave.

The third option is called “The Treasure”. If the player opens the chest once they get there, they get a piece of treasure. Once all of them are opened and missing pieces found, it will be a secret and the player won’t receive any gold or treasure from it.


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the caves of the forest cave start with cannibals crawling out of it. one day, they were all out of food, but one of the cannibals found a little girl playing in her yard. The little girl noticed them coming and ran away! she could hear their footsteps getting closer so she ran as fast as her tiny legs would carry her. the cannibals chased after her until she reached a cave entrance–the same forest cave they came out of itself! because there was no light inside the dark forest cave, the little girl couldn’t see anything.

Things to Expect

  • This cave has an abundance of supplies and you will have to go around it and stock up the supplies.
  • The caves are pitch black and you will need a flashlight that can be upgraded to see through it.
  • Some of the caves have points that are present in the form of orange tents and the players can build disposable leaf shelters whenever there is an emergency.
  • Unless there is a day outside, touching any water body inside the cave will result in a cold and hot effect.
  • Many disturbing scenes have to be uncovered inside the cave.


Forest caves is an interesting game in which the player has to aid a little creature in escaping from a forest filled with monsters. You can use your mouse to control the protagonist’s movements, and you have only one life. The game is simple in theory, but in reality, it is hard enough to make you feel like you are the little creature in this puzzle, struggling for survival. You’ll also find that there are some unique features of this game that make it feel fresh and new.

Forest Cave is an Indie Game developed by Red Ninja Studios and released on April 30th, 2013 after being rejected so many times before due to its poor graphics and bad gameplay experience.

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