An Ultimate Guide To The Incredible History Of Mysterious Makua Cave Hawaii

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This mysterious Makua cave Hawaii is situated three miles north of the Makaha community. To reach there from Honolulu, it takes the H1 freeway westbound. Follow the H1 west without taking any turns along the way. This H1 west will lead you to the Farrington Highway. Now, you have to follow the Farrington Highway along with the towns of Makaha and Waianae. On the way, you will pass the heads of various hiking trails including Kamaileunu, Heleakala and Pu’u o Hulu. After passing Makaha beach, you will reach Kea’au Beach Park. This road is very bumpy because of the potholes. Then a mile after, you will find makua cave Hawaii on your right-hand side. The drive from Honolulu will take an hour. If you take no turns all the way and keep driving to the end of the island, you will find the way to makua cave. The original name of this cave is Kaneana which refers to Cave of Kane. There are many mysteries and stories about this cave. The most popular one is occupied by Kamahoalii. He had the power to transform shapes i.e. from a human being to a shark. Continue reading to know about some interesting stories of Makua cave Hawaii.

Know Detailings About The History Of Makua Cave Hawaii 

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The incredible history of this makua cave Hawaii will leave you awe-struck. Keep reading to know about the shocking and true history. 

  • For 150,000 years, the island of Hawaii has concealed a secret. The volcanic rock was destroyed by the sea to make a cave out of the huge lava tube. As per the belief of local people, mankind was born here i.e. appeared from the womb of the goddess earth. The name Kaneana was given to this Makua cave Hawaii after the name of God of creation, Kane. 
  • The legend said that the shark man Nanaue also reigned from this cave later. He was the son of a shark father and a human mother. When Nanaue felt his taste of the flesh of human i.e. he belonged to carnivorous heritage, it led to unstoppable bloodshed. He took up the form of a human to deceive his prey and then drag them to the cave. Fortunately, Hawaiian people chopped him. As per the facts, this makua cave Hawaii was also inhabited by Madame Pele and a strong shark goddess. 
  • Observing this vivid history, the cave has been the site of religious ceremonies, rituals and magic. The area around the cave is considered sacred in recent times by the local people. 


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This incredible history of Makua cave Hawaii is the main reason for its popularity. Hope you have thoroughly gone through this and have felt amazed at its history.

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