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Mystery Cave State Park

Awesome Tips for Mystery Cave State Park

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Mystery Cave State Park is a rugged forested landscape with excellent fish streams, 17 miles hiking trail and 15 miles horseback trails, picnicking, campgrounds, and plentiful flora and fauna life. It is found in the State Park and provides sightseeing tours every day in the summertime. Mystery Cave State Park is considered as the longest known cave in Minnesota with flowstone, stalagmites, elegant clandestine pools, and a puzzle of interconnected passages.

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If you are into this kind of adventure, make sure to visit this fantastic place. You will surely never regret going here. There is simply so much to do that will bring you closer to nature. On the holiday weekends, an extra rural tour is available and a renewable wild caving adventure.

The historic Forestville or commonly called Mystery Cave State Park is a living history townsite run by the Minnesota Historical Society with trips on the weekends in the warm seasons. Let us know more about these matters in detail.

Hours and Dates

Park all year, Mystery Cave State Park is seasonal, including spring and fall long weekends and every day trips from Memorial weekend – Labor Day. They are open 10 am-4 pm on Spring/fall weekends, and 10 am-5 pm in the summer.

Before going to the place, make sure to call ahead of time to check on its availability. It is better to like it than finding it closed.


If you’re staying in the week or on the weekend, Forestville provides tent camping grounds, camper cabins, and horse camp for your adventure. If you choose to stay overnight, make your reservation beforehand from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

There are a lot of people interested in this place now. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand if you are staying. It never hurts to be prepared! Remember that you are here for something fun.

Horse Trails

Explore the beautiful horse trail off the State Park. Harness your horse to the hitching spots on the site and stay longer to see the park. The routes are covered with gravel and need some trekking. Shod horses are a must, and Minnesota Trail Pass is necessary. Horse trails are open from early May to late October.


Both inside and outside of the state park, fish streams are bountiful. You can get the listing of where to fish through the DNR’s Fillmore County Fishing Guide. You can bring your equipment if you opt to fish. In this way, you will have more chances of succeeding than using something you are familiar with.

Hiking, Biking, Birding, Skiing, and more

Horse and hiking trails go over and link to the Mystery Cave State Park. Biking tours are offered in the Root River State Trail and are open in Fountain or Preston’s nearby towns.

During the winter season, travelers can also experience snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. The state park is also a great birding site at all seasons.

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