Backpacking Adventure To The Upper Makua Cave

upper makua cave oahu

Upper Makua Cave on Oahu’s north shore is the perfect place to enjoy the grandeur of the natural Hawaiian atmosphere. Unmaintained volcanic edifice at the edge of a crater, sacred to native tribes, still needing a torch to enter. Enjoys a shallow pool for swimming surrounded by beautiful lush foliage around an old schoolhouse, a structure still in perfect working order. Looking out across the sparkling waters from the top of the mountain, the site offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and its surroundings. If it is the kind of place that makes you want to remember your experience for the rest of your life, this is the right place to go.

The Upper Makua Cave Oahu

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The Upper Makua Cave Oahu itself can be reached by elevating the grade trail found on the south rim of the island. It is a more difficult hike due to the incline. Take the time and put your own personal touch into this experience. This route is not recommended for beginners, unless it is one of the many guided treks available.

You will see two very distinct rock formations that were formed when lava cooled very quickly, millions of years ago. Start off the journey at the Lower Makua Cave and make your way up to the Upper Makua Cave. Again, be careful and make sure you bring your own equipment; you won’t be sorry you did.

Spectacular Scenery In Oahu

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Once you have made it to the Upper Makua Cave, be prepared for spectacular scenery that is unlike anything else in Oahu. From the sheer black rock formations to the gentle flow of water as you make your way to the top, it is amazing. Just remember that the sun will begin to get to know you as you begin to enjoy your experience. Have plenty of drinking water to keep you hydrated. Bring plenty of sunscreen, too. Bring binoculars to take photos and to enjoy the scenery as you walk through it.

Carry Your Camera

It’s easy to get carried away with the adventure and forget about your camera and your safety. That is why taking your camera with you on your adventure is so important. Always remember to check in with someone along the way who can give you directions. The best time to hike to the Upper Cave from the Lower Makua Cave is in the morning or at dusk. You will avoid the crowds and find a more quiet and safe place to enjoy your adventure backpacking to the Grand Canyon.

One of the best parts of hiking to the Upper Makua Cave is that you get to see some of the oldest rocks on Earth. After you leave the Canyon, it is only about a three hour drive to the Polynesian Cultural Center where you can experience the Hawaiian culture for yourself. There are also a number of workshops you can take part in which focus on the Polynesian culture, art, and history.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you stock up on lots of water and bring plenty of sun tan lotion. This will help make the most of your experience and help you return relaxed and ready for another backpacking adventure to the Grand Canyon. Plan your trip for spring or fall when conditions are more favorable for these adventures. When you take your first hike into the Grand Canyon, you will appreciate this type of backpacking adventure for years to come.

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