Best Spots To Go On Caving Vacations

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Caving vacations are gaining more popularity as there is an increase in the number of people who are willing to venture new adventures. If you are not into conventional vacation modes, you should check out these caving spots to go on a vacation with your loved ones.

Echo Caves

These caves located in southern Africa, and they cover an area of more than 25 miles. These caves were initially used by the native people to hide from dangerous tribes. Also, there is a vast limestone complex inside these caves, which serves an exciting geographical feature. You can go on a caving vacation to this place and experience the wilderness.

Best Spots To Go On Caving Vacations
Best Spots To Go On Caving Vacations

Caving Vacations: Bohol

Bohol caves situated in the Philippines. There are numerous complex cave structures in Bohol. The number goes over 1400. These caves feature a very rare ecosystem. You can see several rare plant species here. There are many underground waterways in these caves. Venturing these caves will be an excellent experience for any traveler.

Gouffre Berger

This cave system is located in France and is one of the most sought after caving vacations sites in the world. It is quite easy to access and looks very spectacular. There is a slight risk of flooding in these caves. Hence, it is not advisable to venture during the rainy season.

Caving Vacations: Ape Cave

The ape cave is located in Washington and covers over 2.5 miles. It is a large lava tube that forms across the western hemisphere. It says that this cave was built over 2000 years ago during a volcanic eruption. Many studies are conducted in this cave every year, and it is visited by tourists as well.

Actun Tunichil Munkal

These are one of the most famous caving vacations sites in the world and situated in Belize. The Mayan site called Crystal Maiden located in the Actun Tunichil Munkal. Most importantly, you need to swim across this cave practically. If you want to experience something very adventurous and different you should try probably go for this one.

Gunung Mulu

The Gunung Mulu cave system located in Malaysia. It is considered the biggest one in the whole of Southeast Asia. It is not a very deep cave. So it is suitable for kids too. You can explore miles and miles of cave passages and also enjoy the varied cave ecosystem.

Best Spots To Go On Caving Vacations
Best Spots To Go On Caving Vacations

Caving Vacations: Mammoth Caves

This caving vacation spot is located in Kentucky and is the largest one in the world. Furthermore, the biosphere of this cave system is unique and mind-blowing. You can explore over 10 miles of this cave and get the essence of its beauty. More than 90 percent of this cave system is not open for visitors. Due to the intensity and also to leave the complex biosphere of this place undisturbed.

Based on the level of adventure you are seeking, you can choose the right caving vacation spot for you. Hence, plan your trip accordingly.

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