Cave Tubing – Here Is An Idea To Enjoy Visiting The Makua Cave

cave tubing

Do you like adventurous trips? Then cave tubing is for you, it will give a lifetime adventurous experience. Cave tubing allows you to see the beauty of the cave system from the comfort of your inner tube. Cave tubing is one of the most popular fun things to do. To do cave tubing there will be a headlamp that will provide you the only light as you go into the cave sculpted by flowing water. 

Cave Tubing

Cave tubing is one of the most thrilling experiences where you float through the caves. To enter the caves you will sit in a professionally designed air-filled tube, life vest on and on your forehead there will be a forehead fitted cave light. Forehead fitted cave light helps you to find the path through the caves. When you enter the caves you will have a feeling that you are entering into a world within a world. 

Cave Tubing Clothing

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When you are going for cave tubing there are some particular clothes that you need to wear. You need to wear swimwear or comfortable lightweight clothing that can get wet. As you are going into a cave by floating onto the water, therefore, there is a high chance of you getting wet, so wear sneakers that you do not mind getting wet or else you can also wear some water shoes. If you do not have water shoes you can get them at rent from the park. You can also bring a handy waterproof camera as there will be many opportunities for you to take pictures of this funny, adventurous, and memorable cave tubing tour. 

Cave Tubing – Adventurous

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Cave tubing is an adventurous activity, but as you know adventure does not happen without having any risk. Same for cave tubing, going into the cave by floating on the water is always risky. Therefore, before going into the cave there are a few safety rules that you need to follow. First of all, the condition of the river is very essential for good cave tubing. As the river can behave differently in different situations. It will be very risky if you go for cave tubing when it is raining or because during that time the rivers behave critically. And it is very easy for a flash flood to occur during the rainy season. And therefore, it is essential to know how the river can rise if a flood comes. At such time you should not go inside the cave. 


Even if it is not raining, never underestimate the condition of the river after it rains as it can swift the current when the conditions of the river are affected by rains. At this time the depth of the river and the direction of the current is changeable which can be very dangerous for you. It is quite important to take care of your safety when you go cave tubing and it is wise to make a decision to go with groups.

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