Caving and Rock Climbing Tours in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is an American sovereign territory and at times an unincorporated U.S. state, with a richly varied landscape of waters, forests and mountains. In San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and biggest city, the bustling Puerto Rican capital, is thronged by tourists all year round for its many attractions. Its Old San Juan area features historic, colorful Spanish colonial structures and, along the same line of the coast, its La Fortaleza and Chiquita neighborhoods are famous for their lush beach bars, crooked white nightclubs and silver mines. Its vast Old San Juan waterfront is lined with restaurants, shops, boutiques and a string of well-known hotels.

 Alternative To Manzanillo 

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Mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in search of an alternative to Manzanillo and other crowded western mountain destinations flock to Puerto Rico, which boast of some of the best natural caves in the Western Hemisphere. One example is the San Juan Canyon, a popular trekking spot due to the challenging route, moderate grade, and easy access. Other popular climbing spots in the region include Cerro del Capucu on the south side of the island, and Canto de la Playa, which is located near the town of Morro. Both of these can easily be reached by car or by taking one of the numerous road trips around Puerto Rico.

Some Notable local landmarks 

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Notable local landmarks and natural attractions include the San Juan cave, which is covered by thousands of thick layers of limestone slabs that vary in color from pale yellow to dark brown. At one time, this cave was home to an extinct species of human called hominids, which scientists believe were the ancestors of modern humans. The cavern was discovered in the early 1990s and has since been a major tourist draw, particularly for trekkers and others interested in cave exploration. Other popular caves in Puerto Rico include Los Muertos and La Romana; both of which are only hours from San Juan.

 Rock Climbing

Another popular activity in Puerto Rico is rock climbing, which takes advantage of both fantastic scenery as well as the terrain and caves of the island. The best areas to climb are located near Puerto Rico’s major cities, such as San Juan, Rincon de Tela, Caracas, and Escazu. Some of the most scenic and challenging rock climbing locations can be found in the mountains surrounding Corozal, in the north of the island.

For travelers who are not quite as interested in exploring caves, there is another way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and breathtaking scenery on a trip to Puerto Rico. While on this trip, make sure to visit one of the many abandoned mining towns that once operated underneath the waves. These rustic places are still inhabitable and will allow you to see the same type of terrain that has been criss-crossed by countless feet of water.

Summing Up 

Take some time to explore the landscape and experience some adventure before you head back to your normal life. There is plenty to do in Puerto Rico, including the ever popular rock climbing tours. Caving will take up some of your time as well, but it can be done around the clock. You are sure to enjoy every minute that you spend exploring the landscape and experiencing the adventure of another world.

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