Caving Tours Carlsbad, NM: New Mexico’s Natural Wonder

caving tours carlsbad caverns

If you are seeking an adventure that combines a trip into the wilderness with a chance to see one of America’s favorite tourist attractions, Carlsbad Caverns and the surrounding area are a perfect choice. Known for its rich history, caves that span thousands of feet in-depth and more than a thousand miles in length, Carlsbad Caverns offers more than simply caves, though. The area also offers hiking trails, swimming beaches, picnic areas, golfing, art galleries, and even a miniature zoo. A Carlsbad Caverns tour is a great way to see the many attractions in the area.

Caving Tours Carlsbad Caverns

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Some tours last for days and allow participants to explore not only the caves but also the land surrounding them. Others are overnight tours and provide accommodations in hotel rooms along with a guided tour through the caves. No matter which type of adventure you prefer, there is a Carlsbad Caverns tour to fit your needs.

If you are a novice to cave tours, there are many locations within Carlsbad Caverns where you can get a first-hand experience with one of the many types of cave tours available. White, Green and Red Cave tours offer adventures that allow participants to get up close and personal with some of the local cave animals. At each entrance of the cave, they will be greeted by signs that warn about dangerous cave wildlife. Some of the animals include black bears, rattlesnakes, leopards, mountain goats, mountain lions, and coyotes. However, all of these animals are supervised by trained professionals who will direct visitors, so they do not come in contact with any wildlife. These trips are not meant for children under the age of 12.

Adventure Tour With Carlsbad Caverns

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Another adventure tour that is offered in Carlsbad Caverns is the Skylight Tour. This tour allows visitors to ascend up a wooden staircase and go through a glass tube. The adventure follows a path that ascends twenty-two stories and features three different levels. At the top of the tube, visitors will find a gondola ride that takes them around the caverns and back to the ground floor of the Carlsbad Caverns. Once back at the surface of the Carlsbad Caverns, the gondola ride returns to the base of the staircase, and the adventure is repeated.

In addition to the White, Green, and Red Cave tours, Carlsbad Caverns also offers a third type of adventure in their adventure rock climbing tours. This type of tour allows rock climbers to go through the caves but without any contact with the cave walls or other elements. This lets participants move at their own pace and see the sights around them without having to follow others on a trail. Climbers will navigate their way through different levels of care, but be aware that they are not allowed to go to the upper levels of the caves. This tour also does not last for the full length of the cave.

Rock Climbing Tour

The combination of the White, Green, and Red Caves tours, as well as the adventure rock climbing tour, gives visitors plenty to see and do while exploring Carlsbad Caverns. Each tour varies slightly, so before you arrive, you should determine which type of adventure rock climbing you’re interested in doing. For example, if you enjoy the White Cave Tour, you can expect to walk through the entire cave, viewing the formations below. If you prefer the adventure rock climbing tour, you will experience rock climbing at various parts of the cave.

When you leave Carlsbad Caverns and travel to the nearby Guadalupe Mountains, you’ll soon discover that you’re still surrounded by amazing natural beauty. The lush greens of the mountains provide just the right backdrop for the exciting adventures offered by Carlsbad Caverns. Guadalupe National Park rests beneath the imposing peaks of the Sierra Madre Mountains. A visitor can choose to explore the lush greens of the Sierra Madre or explore the majestic rock formations found within Carlsbad Caverns. If you choose the adventure rock climbing tour, you can climb to the top of Sugar Mountain or view the sights and sounds of the Carlsbad Caverns by way of a helicopter tour. Both the rock climbing and the helicopter tours are offered daily during the summer months.

Bottom Line

Whether you decide to spend a day enjoying the sights and sounds of the Carlsbad Caverns or you would like to spend a few hours scuba diving or snorkeling in the area, you will find a number of great things to do while in Carlsbad. The town offers everything from golf courses to guided tours to family-friendly activities. No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find something enjoyable to do while you stay in the region.

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