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Caving and hiking are a great combination. You get to explore caves, mountains, and beautiful countryside. Hiking is great because you get to see many different landscapes along your route. But what if you are traveling in the United States? How do you plan a trip that will be unique from other hiking tours?

The Northeast United States

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The northeast United States is an extremely geographic area of the country bounded by Canada to the south, to the northwest by the Atlantic Ocean, south to the southwest by Texas, and east to west by New Mexico. There are numerous National Parks in this region, including Death Valley, which is a huge sandstone mountain located in the desert of Nevada. The San Miguel National Park, near Tucson, is famous for the dinosaur fossils that can be found here. Other nearby sites are the Tulebank and Gloster Stone caves.

There are several different kinds of tours of these popular caves. You can get a car and drive to northern Cave tours, which start in Carbondale, New Mexico. You will travel through the desert with plenty of sightseeing along the way. At the Carlsbad Caverns, tours include trips into the actual cave. These tours are usually about a three day adventure and give you a chance to explore the caves, visit local artisans, and eat some good food.

Caves National Park

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If you prefer to take your vacation in a caravan, there are several companies that have trips that can lead you to Caves National Park, or the Santa Fe National Park. These tours start in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and travel north east to Santa Fe. While you are driving, you will see plenty of Native American ruins, and can stop and enjoy some tee time at the local golf courses. To make the best of your trip, look for a tour that includes camping. This is when you will really get to experience the beautiful wonders of New Mexico. You can stay in one of their camping tents, which are very comfortable and have everything you need to enjoy your trip to the caves.

Day Tours

Another type of tour includes day tours of Caves National Park. These tours are much more family oriented, and you will find that each different type of cave has its own brochure you can take home. In the National Park, you will find many different types of caves, including the famous Carlsbad Caverns. Here, you will find ancient Aztec drawings, as well as spectacular colors of the mineral blue. If you like the smell of sulfur, this is the place for you.

Most tours include trips into the deeper sections of the caves. This is when you will find the more difficult things you will have to do, like crawl through small holes. You will have to use a variety of equipment, so make sure you have some on hand for all of your gear. Also, be sure that you know how to use all of the equipment before you go on any trip. Some tours include tours into the caves of San Miguel, where they discovered the oldest cave in the world.

Last Words

When you want to do something different for your next vacation, consider going on one of these exciting adventure tours. You will find that each case is different, with unique features and different caves. You will also find that you get more out of each trip, as you will be exposed to a new environment each time. Your family will enjoy the beautiful landscape, and the camaraderie that you get along with it as you explore the many interesting caves and rock climbing areas.

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