Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts

Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts

Devil’s den cave, formed by a Karst window, and the roof has collapsed, exposing the water to the open surface. Further, the cave is owned privately and operated as SCUBA diving training and recreational facility.

The water in the river is a constant 72-degree Fahrenheit. Further, animal fossils and human fossils also found from the devil’s den cave. The human remains are about 7,500 BC old, and the animal remains are of the extinct species like mastodons, ground sloths, ground sloths, saber-toothed cats, and more

However, the den was also rumored to be the house of a snake since the snakes like to sun themselves on the rocks. And earlier the opening of the cave was a small solution hole, through which the visitors had to squeeze to reach the water.

Devil’s Den Logistics And Layout

It is an underground cavern. The divers have direct sunlight and an air opening over their heads. Thus, the den is not considered a cave dive. Therefore, the scuba divers are only required to have only a basic open water certification.

Further, the devil’s den measures 37 meters (120 feet) in diameter. Also, the depth of the underground water differs according to the rainfall, and the maximum depth is 16 meters (54 feet).

Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts
Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts

Services Offered

 The den cave offers cabins on rent; four cabins provided which are identical in size and layout. For a one night stay the charge is $112.50, and for a two night stay the cost is $97.50 per night. However, the reservations are made in advance.

Further, the den offers an RV park which includes 32 sites. Moreover, pets are allowed in the park, but they should be on a leash at all times. The den also provides a tent. And they are on a first-come-first-serve basis. It costs $11 per person.

The den also offers the night dives. However, they are through appointments only.

The Visiting Hours For Devil’s Den Cave

According to the website of devil’s den, the visiting hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday to Saturday- 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Further, the last entry to the pool is one hour before the closing time.

Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts
Devil’s Den Cave- Know The Interesting Facts

Important Points To Remember

Instructors are available at the site and also the scuba lessons. Further, the maximum depth of the cave is 54 feet. Moreover, there are four different underwater passages that converge into the main cave.

It is crucial to note the underwater signs with skulls on them, and don’t cross these signs. Since they are for safety purposes, further, if you see any fossils and remains, do not touch them or remove them.

Also, the den provides the basic type of types of equipment on rent for the divers. However, you should bring the following items for your safety.

  • Swimsuit
  • A towel
  • An extra pair of clothing
  • Some snacks and water
  • Mask
  • Underwater flashlight

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