Enjoying a Tree Hike in New Zealand

kaneana cave (makua cave)

The adventure of Kaneana Cave is one you won’t want to miss when you’re in the region of Coromandel on New Zealand’s east coast. Lying beneath an impressive waterfall, this is a world heritage site with stunning views. Unmaintained, sacred cave, still in a steep volcanic cliff, requiring a torch to access inside. The amazing views are from a distance, but up close, the scale and detail of this incredible cave are quite overwhelming.

In fact, the journey itself begins at the top of the ladder and leads you through to the Tree of Life and then back down again, taking you all the way back down the slope to the base of the volcano where you’ll find beautiful white water bubbling out of some basins and gushing out into the sea. The Tree of Life is a national park but also has other guided tours available, as well as other adventures to suit your skill level. You can choose to take a walk or take a ride on the mountain train that will take you to the summit.

Challenges To Face

A person standing next to a body of water

One of the challenges you will face while visiting the Tree of Life is getting down from the tree. If you want to get down, you’ll find yourself on a rocky area that has sharp rocks and roots all around. Fortunately, there are steps along the way to walk you safely down to the beach where you can catch your breath and relax for a while. If you were to fall any further down, you would risk your life.

Once you reach the beach, you’ll find a lodge with a gift shop where you can buy equipment to help you explore the Tree of Life. It’s possible that you’ll come across a native tree. This is a bonus because it’s an amazing place to learn about the ancient ways of the Tarahumara. Even if you don’t like Tarahumara culture, you’ll find it fascinating to learn that these people were not only great hunters but also used the trees of their own land for shelter.

See The Indigenous Creatures

A large waterfall over a rock wall

After you’ve had your fun in the air, return to the Tree of Life for a night in the lodge. If you’re lucky, you’ll find that the tree has photos of the animals it’s guarded. Some of the indigenous creatures you’ll find in this forest are armadillos, salamanders and caddisflies. You’ll find that you have so much fun, you won’t want to go back to the ocean. All of your excitement could just be dreams if you don’t take the trip seriously enough.

While you’ll find many things to do in Makua, you will also find that it’s a good place to start planning a trip to New Zealand and Polynesia. This island is known as one of the best places in the world for whales, and you can often see them off the shores of Fiji and Tahiti. You can also enjoy some whale watching in Oahu, too.

Extending Trip

You may decide to extend your trip by visiting New Zealand, although that would depend on which part you want to visit. You’ll find that you have plenty of opportunities to explore both islands. Some of the most popular activities include kayaking through the Whakarewarewa River, hiking in the Westland region and taking a tour through the mountains of the South Island.

The West Coast starts at the Marlborough Sounds and stretches all the way to the fiord of Kaikoura. If you’ve never been to this region of New Zealand, then you’ll enjoy the adventure that you can get from a helicopter ride over the country’s countryside.

Bringing Own Equipment

Another great way to enjoy a stay at the Kaneana Cave Makua Tree hotel is to climb up the tree itself! To do this, you’ll need to book a tour of the tree, and then bring your own equipment. Once you’re in the tree, you’ll find that there are plenty of challenges to keep you entertained. For example, there are rock walls that you can scale, which give you a truly thrilling experience. However, don’t think that you have to be a strong person to climb up the tree – it is quite gentle, in fact, and you can even hire an assistance rope if you feel worried about getting up there on your own.

Final Verdict

Once you’re up there, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful scenery of the region, and plenty of opportunities to take part in activities.

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