Everything you Need to Know About Lower Makua Cave Hawaii

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Looking for an adventure, some time away from the city, or you just want to discover a little bit more about Hawaii? If so, get ready for a drive along the beautiful Leeward Coast that will take your breath away.

Located three miles north of the Makaha community sits the eerie and mysterious cave of Makua. To get there from Honolulu, get on the H1 freeway west bound. Follow the H1 west taking no turns along the way. The H1 west will lead into the Farrington Highway. Follow the Farrington Highway past the town of Waianae and Makaha. Enroute, you will pass the heads of several hiking trails including Heleakala, Pu’u o Hulu, and Kamaileunu. You will come to Keeau Beach Park after passing Makaha beach. The ride at this point will be very bumpy because of the pot holes in the road. Once you pass Keeau Beach Park, a mile after, located on your right hand side, Makua Cave can be found.. You may park your car across the cave. The drive from Honolulu will take about an hour. If you take no turns or cut-offs along the way and just keep driving towards the end of the island, you will find your way to Makua Cave.


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The original name for Makua Cave is Kaneana, which means the Cave of Kane. There are many myths and mysteries about this cave. The most popular story known is that the cave was occupied by Kamahoalii. He was someone who could transform shapes from a human being to a shark. Like all man-eating sharks, he always had a hunger for human flesh. He would disguise himself as a human to capture his victims. Once captured, he would drag his victims into this cave and have them for dinner. When Makua residents discovered his identity, they captured and destroyed him.

This cave is about 150,000 years old. It is a cave one hundred feet high and four hundred fifty feet deep. It was once underwater, and carved out of the sea. Over the years many people have come and vandalized the walls of this cave with spray paint. As I walk inside the cave its darkness overcomes me with fear. As my sight adjusts I focus more on the scene than my fears. There is a cool breeze that blows out from the inner depths of the cave. Shining my flashlight around the cave I notice the walls glistening. The inside walls of the cave are smooth and wet from the water that drips from the ceiling. Deeper into the cave, there are several small tunnels you can venture inside. These small tunnels will lead you to the inner end of the cave. There was once a rope at the end of the tunnel where you can climb down, and at the end of that rope you will find a happy face engraved in the wall. It is very dangerous to try to venture inside of the tunnels. Most of the people who visit the cave often just admire the inside of the cave and its massiveness.

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Before you decide to take this trip to Makua cave there are some precautions to take. Remember to bring a flashlight, for the cave tends to be dark. The cave floors and walls can be slippery so it is important to remember to wear shoes. There is no supervision around the cave, so, if you decide to bring children, be prepared to supervise them closely.

The mystery and eerieness of Makua cave are what captures people to visit this site. Also Makua cave is located along a coast that has beautiful beaches that are great surfing spots. Also, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset at the end of the day. Makua symbolizes the past and culture of the ancient Hawaiians. This is just one of the places on the island where you can visit to experience the wonders of Hawaii.

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