Hiking Tips On Upper Makua Cave Oahu For Beginners

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Upper Makua Cave Hike is an unsanctioned climb situated on the Waianae shore of O’ahu. The climb is discovered right over the side of the road Kaneana Cave/Makua Cave and is just 0.7 miles long (every way). Sadly, this one is beyond reach so stay out. Although this is a short climb, it’s not for the fledgling explorer by any means. The way is exceptionally steep, with a 420-foot height gain, and brimming with free rock so slipping is extremely normal here. Wearing appropriate climbing shoes, a long-sleeved shirt, and long jeans is an unquestionable requirement here. What’s more, and with any climb, make certain to peruse Hiking Safety and Essentials. Here are some guides for hiking on upper Makua cave Oahu. 

The Most Effective Method To Get To The Upper Makua Cave 

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  • The Upper Makua Cave is situated on the west side of the island. 
  • To arrive, use ‘Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave) into Google Maps. It will take you to an alternate cavern, not the one you are climbing to, but rather you can stop in the little parcel out and about for your climb. 
  • Make certain to leave your vehicle vacant as this space has been known for robbery. 

Where Is The Trailhead?

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From the parking area, advance not too far off how you had been driving and search for the speed sign on the right. 

There is a little way close to it and this is your trailhead. If the region is congested, it very well may be difficult to see so look carefully. 

What’s In Store On The Climb?

  • The Upper Makua cave is a short and steep climb. The free, rough path is adequately precarious to give you a test, without shocking edge drop-offs or anything like that. 
  • This makes it awesome in case you are not a high-level climber, but rather you are searching for a test to take your climbing abilities to a higher level. 
  • However it is a short climb, the interestingness comes as a couple of problematic segments where you stroll on the free rock at a precarious slope. 
  • At the point when I went, I just moved slowly, with extra special care, and in the long run, made it past the precarious area. 
  • When you arrive at the highest point of the rope, you will see a way that endeavors out to one side. This implies the interesting part is finished and presently you can stroll to the caverns. 

The Upper Makua Caves 

The first is genuinely vexing. 

The second is really epic, however. This is the place where the perspectives will leave you speechless. 

It is crazy exactly how exquisite it is, all things considered. The mountains meet the sea in the most excellent, truly flawless style. 

After you are done at the cavern, follow the path back to how you came. 

You’ll have the option to see some epic perspectives on the valley that was behind you in transit up. Trust me when I say that they are stunning – would you be able to tell this space of the island is my top choice? 

When I arrived at the lofty area, I essentially crab strolled the entire way down on all fours to abstain from sliding. 

Security Tips 

  • This climb is on private property. It’s dependent upon you on the off chance that you decide to do it. 
  • Adhere to the path. This goes for any climb however it is particularly significant on this path, given the shaky balance. 
  • Take heaps of water and a few tidbits or energy gels with you because a ton of the path is available to the components and it gets exceptionally hot. Attempt to go in the cooler times if possible. 
  • Utilize your best judgment with regards to whether this is a suitable climb for your abilities and the climate when you will visit.
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