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Few tips to choose the best local tour guide:

A tour guide is an individual who gives guidance, assistance and information on various historical, cultural and recreational heritages to visitors on personal, organized tours and to public guests. It includes presentation and interpretation of various touristic subjects such as arts and crafts, tourism, history and even sports. In other words, a tour guide has to share the knowledge on different destinations with his tour group. If you are thinking of taking a tour, you may contact your local tour guides for advice.

Years of experience

The most important criteria for selecting a good tour guide is the qualification and experience. These guides should have years of experience in providing information about the tourist attractions and must be very popular among the tourists. The guides should have information and a good knowledge of facts and histories about the most interesting places that are of the tourist’s interest. They must also be able to relate relevant stories and advise the customers on everything from health and diet to history and culture.

Licensed guides

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The tour guides should have valid licenses for running their business. This is because they will be traveling to tourist destinations and thus they will have to ensure the safety of the travelers. Tourists should enquire about the license of the tour guides before hiring them. Some tour guides may work independently and thus they may not be licensed. In such cases, the tourist can enquire about the license and if it is valid, then he may hire the guide.

Value for money

The third important criterion is price. Tourists have different budgets and thus they need to find tour guides that offer value for money. Usually, guiding services charge according to the number of guests. For a one-day trip, the guide may charge a low fee while for a three-day tour or more, the fee would be higher.

Familiar with the places

However, before hiring a tour guide, the tourists must ensure that the guide is conversant with the area in which he will be leading the tour. Many tourists are not familiar with the local area and hence, they may miss important places or provide wrong information. They must enquire about the availability of local guides and about the experiences of the guide in leading trips.

Travel plan

The next requirement for a good guide is information about the itinerary. The guide must be in a position to give the tourist guides to the required extent. Tour operator certification is the best proof of experience for such a field.

One can easily access information about the tour guides through the internet. There are a number of websites that provide free guidance for tourists. Free walking tours of different places are available on the internet. However, tourists should inquire about the experience of the guide and credentials to avoid problems.


Tourists must be cautious while hiring tour guides because there are many fraudulent tour guides available in the market. Tour operators play an important role in leading the tourist groups to the desired locations. Good tour guides may improve the experience of tourists but they also need professional training.

Most of the people look for an agent or a guide who has professional qualification but not necessarily an education program. Such a person may lead the tourists astray and may create trouble. It is advisable to hire a guide who is skilled enough to guide and handle people of all kinds, even those with disabilities. Since handicapped people require special attention, such a person can impart special knowledge about the place and environment.

Friendly and fun

Traveling is all about having fun. The right kind of tour guide will be friendly with the tourists, calm enough to answer the queries and also make the tour a fun filled experience.

Tour packages

As a first time visitor to India, one may find it difficult to select a perfect place. If a first time visitor hires a tour guide through a tour operator, he/she does not have to go very far to find everything else. Some tour operators offer packages for the visitors. These packages include accommodation, meals, guided walks and sightseeing. The tourist guides often work as guides for tour operators.

One should enquire about the cost of the tour packages offered by the tour companies and the facilities provided by the operators. Most of the tour groups offer budget friendly deals for first time visitors. It is advisable to compare the prices and services of different tour companies and choose the best one which provides all facilities according to your budget. Many branded tour operators also offer discount deals in order to attract more customers.

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