Mermaid Caves Oahu – Here Is A Wonder You Have Been Looking For

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Mermaid Cave, or tunnels as it’s often known, has recently become more popular. However, this is just for the brave few who want to discover Hawaii’s secret gem. Nanakuli Beach Park / Nanakuli Community Park / Kalaniana’ole Beach Park is where Mermaid Cave can be found. To reach there, you’ll have to navigate sharp lava rock that might slash your feet open, then descend into a stunning underwater tunnel through an open hole (or puka). However, like with any activity in Hawaii, you need to exercise caution when taking part in it. It is risky to explore any cave, especially a wet cave. In times of high tides, the cave’s water level will rise and fall with the tides, but it may also quickly fill up with any large surges.

Mermaid Cave Oahu Facts

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Oahu’s west coast is dotted with holes of varied sizes that stare out into the Pacific Ocean. Due to its magically captivating environment, it is a favorite place for travelers with a sense of fantasy. It’s impossible not to be entranced by the crystal clear water rushing towards the shell-strewn shore, and by sunlight filtering through cave fissures, which provide a golden glow over this deep cavern.

Mermaid Caves Oahu – Resident Perspective

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Many residents are unaware of the “Mermaid Cave” or how it got its mythological moniker. The sea cave is rumored to be haunted by half-fish, half-human beings when the moon is full, however, there is no substantial proof that it is anything more than a standard tourist trap. Keep an eye out for signs along the route. Since the Mermaid Cave in Hawaii has no history, the site is even more enigmatic –a place that holds many secrets.

Mermaid Caves Oahu – Things To Keep In Mind Before Going 

The cave should be entered during low tide and calm water, which we do not encourage. The cave fills up and empties with the tide.

It’s best to avoid this in a surf that is surging. 

As soon as you’re ready to get out of the puka, you’ll need the strength to lift your body weight. Some people need guidance and assistance from their pals, which is just another incentive to go on excursions and explore with your buddies.

The sun is particularly harsh in this location as well because there are no trees to provide shelter. Dress in layers, bring sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes. There are lava rocks and loose Cora on the path that will lead you to the caverns


An adventure awaits you in Mermaid Cave. Although it’s gorgeous and somewhat hidden, it can be devastating if you’re not careful. Alternatively, you may check it out from the outside or engage in one of the many other Oahu activities that are less risky instead. When you are planning to visit anything mysterious and interesting, you might want to add these caves to the list, and in fact, several people have it is a part of their bucket list to visit mermaid Caves. We hope you take that chance and see what this place has to offer from your perspective.

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