Mystery Cave Story And Facts

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Mystery Cave situated between Spring Valley and Preston is the longest cave in Minnesota. There’s different areas, scenic pools, cave formation and a lot to see. Mystery Cave is located above a village called Forestville. This village was restored in the 19th-century appearance. It’s open for people but do you know what’s the story behind this 13 miles long underground passage. If not then now is the right time to learn it. Below are some interesting facts as well as historical references. You can also get a glimpse of timings and functional hours. 

Story Behind Historical Forestville In Minnesota 

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As the name suggests, Historical Forestville is known for its historic appearance. The village is managed by the Minnesota Historical Society as of now. This place worked as a living museum set around 1899. In the 1800s, Forestville used to be a rural trade center but the trade center fell because of the road built around 1868. Then in 1890 most of the village was owned by one of the town founders’ sons named Thomas Meighen. People used to work for him at stores and property. Both Historical Forestville, as well as Mystery Cave, operate separately. 

How Was The Mystery Cave Formed? 

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The Mystery Cave dates back to 450 million years ago when sedimentary rocks were deposited as land. Then the shallow seas covered them. Deposits of mud and oceanic debris compressed and eventually turned into limestone as well as sandstone layers. These layers are about 1300 feet above sea level. The floodwater also contributed to the formation of Mystery Cave. The caves have sinkholes and karst features too. Moreover, the acidic rainwater played the part in sculpting the land. So, this was what led to the creation of Mystery Cave in Minnesota. 

Highlights Of Mystery Cave State Park And Timings 

Some of the biggest highlights of Mystery Cave State Park include camping, hiking, Historical Forestville village, spring flowers, trout streams, and many more. There are a total of 5 camper cabins available for campers. For firewood, only approved firewood is allowed. People can tour Mystery Cave State Park in both summers as well as winters. For summer, 9 AM to 8 PM from Sunday to Wednesday which extends to 9 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In winter, a 9 AM to 3 PM tour is allowed. 


Here are some interesting facts and stories about the Mystery Cave in Minnesota. This cave is located beneath a village known as Historical Forestville. In the above article, you can get to know about this village as well as Mystery Cave. What made this cave and how old is it? Every question will be answered here. You can also see highlights of this place along with the hours and timings to visit Mystery Cave. The timings vary from season to season so make sure to check out.

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