Produced Without Harmful Additives And Hypoallergenic! Forget About The Horrible Gym Towel Stink Now!

What if we tell you that the things you have kept secure comfort and help are harming you?

You might think that it is better not to have them instead, don’t you?. The same applies to the body essentials we carry for our assistance and comfort, be it your water bottles, healthcare products, towels, and many such. Their primary function is to be at your aid when you need them. Thus, they are supposed to be safe and prudent to your advantage.

However, it is easy to get trapped in disguise as the product market is expanded with a tremendous range for identical products. But, a little knowledge can save you from the worse side of the consequences.

All About Quick Drying Microfiber Towel At Your Benefit

Microfibre is the ideal material that consists of synthetic fiber. It is thinner than the regular cotton material, which makes it potential for cleaning and drying purposes. Here is all about quick-drying microfiber towels that can be your greatest help in regular use for cleaning, gyming, and exercising. Get this amazing quick-drying microfiber towel to put into your travel or household essential and gym kit now.


Brand Name: Naturehike 

Material: Polyester / Cotton

Weight : 63kg/169 g

Pattern: Plain Dyed 

Feature: Quick Dry 

Size: 80*40 cm (hand towels)

         130*73 cm (bath towels)

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  • Microfiber fabric is a blend of synthetic poly-fiber, and it is highly absorbent and antibacterial.
  • It gives you protection against dirt and germs safely by retaining additional moisture from the skin naturally.
  • It is hypoallergenic. Hence, it is extremely safe to use for any individuals having normal to sensitive skin as well as for children.
  • The material is considerably thinner than regular cotton fabric. Thus, it dries easily and doesn’t leave a stinky fragrance after use.
  • They are suitable to pat dry sweaty or washed hair as they are less likely to cause breakage due to synthetic and silk material.
  • They are durable.
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  • Their use is limited as they can’t be used in massive cleaning, unlike cotton fabric.
  • They can absorb dirt and water only for a short period.
  • Their price may be slightly higher than regular towels.
  • They are not environment-friendly. 


Though there are many thick and thin aspects of employing quick-drying microfiber towels into regular usage, you should always deem the brighter side of the wall; the better substitute is always a preferable choice. At the same time, you might have also heard that a bad friend is worse than an enemy. Likewise, provided having enough advantages at your side, it is wise to opt for a promising alternative. Besides, their durability is longer. Hence, it can be used enormous times before discharging as wastage.

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