Some Of The Best Caves To Visit

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When we think of caves, the first thing that comes to mind is mysteries, adventure, and nature’s best kept secrets. The magnificence and diversity of nature never cease to amaze us, and one of nature’s most impressive creations is caves. The geological formations, stalactites, lakes, caverns, and other amazing sights you’ll see inside one of the most famous caves in the world are sure to mesmerize you.

Travel with me to discover the most beautiful caves in the world (virtually as of this writing) that deserve to be on your travel bucket list. A list of four of the most beautiful caves on the planet, they’re so well formed that just a brief glimpse will leave you awestruck and speechless.

Mammoth Cave National Park

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Stunning scenery and fascinating passageways are part of the extensive cave system at this iconic national park. There are many guided tours available that allow you to explore the Frozen Niagra, Grand Avenue and Fat Man’s Misery features. It’s highly recommended to take the Historic Tour on top of the Domes & Dripstones Tour as these two tours allow you to see some amazing formations. One of the most famous caves in the United States, Mammoth Caves offers visitors a family-friendly experience.

Blue Grotto

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In this popular cave on the coast of Capri Island, you’ll discover a stunning, brilliant blue that’s like none you’ve seen before. As you enter in a tiny rowing boat, the shimmering blue hue created by sunlight, sea water, and two cave holes will spellbind you. To avoid long lines at the entrance, it is best to visit a little early. The best time is generally between 12-2 PM. Tipping the boatman makes sure you can have a little extra time inside the Blue Grotto so you can soak in the incredible sight inside. The ticket can be purchased at the pier.

Carlsbad Cavers National Park

The amazing & unforgettable natural formations of this national park, which boasts over 100 caves, make for an amazing & unforgettable experience. Ranger-guided tours are available as well as the two trails: the Big Room Trail and the steep Natural Entrance Trail with its formations like The Devil’s spring and Iceberg Rock. As part of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, you will also find Lechuguilla Cave – a cave known for its unique geological formations.

Fingal’s Cave

One of the most famous caves in the world, Staffa Cave is located on the uninhabited Staffa Island off the Scots coast and is characterized by amazing hexagonal basalt columns. Caves of this size and shape have arched roofs that give them the appearance of cathedrals. This amazing cave is reached by climbing a few steep steps supported by a railing, along with impressive views all around. In addition to the puffin sightings, you can also find the adorable birds in Fingal’s Cave.


 You are surely missing something very important if you’re a traveler and nature lover and haven’t seen these caves. You can appreciate mother nature by exploring it

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