The Best Way to See America on Cave Kayaking

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During the summer months, there’s a lot of kayaking options. The water is warm and perfect for group kayaking or family kayaking. Many outfitters of boats also offer deep sea fishing as well as whitewater kayaking. The winter months offer many more trips, but two very popular trips to Channel Islands National Park would be Sea Cave Kayaking and the Painted Cave Kayak outing. Both of these are incredible adventures and would be highly recommended to anybody interested in a kayaking trip to the channels.

Cave Kayaking in America

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Sea Cave Kayaks are equipped with amenities such as roomy kayaks with comfortable seats, ice chests, picnic tables, fishing gear and more. The trip can last two to four hours, where as the Painted Cave Kayak outing can last up to six hours, depending on how long one wants to stay out at sea. Another difference between the two trips is that the Santa cruz island kayak excursion has a small capacity boat that’s used only for group camping and no other activities.

As sea kayaks are typically larger than their freshwater counterparts, the boats are generally sturdier and more reliable, however this isn’t always the case with sea kayaking tours. If you decide to join a tour that uses a large sea kayak, make sure that your equipment is up to par and that you are physically fit. Some sea kayaks are designed for touring and others are designed for speed and maneuverability. If you’re not sure whether or not your equipment will hold up for the trip, get some advice before purchasing your equipment.

When kayaking to Santa Cruz or the Channel Islands, you’ll want to take a day-trip aboard the Santa Cruz ferry boat. The ferry boat drops guests off in Ventura Harbor, where they can explore the sea caves and other coastal sites along the way. If you’re looking to stay overnight, the town of Ventura Harbor is only three miles away from the boat dock so there’s plenty of room to explore. If you decide to stay overnight, you can enjoy the many restaurants and nightspots in town as well as the various sights, shops, and cafes along the harbor.

This tour requires a reservation, and reservations for most kayaking tours are taken in person or online. To avoid long waits, it’s best to check-in early. This is especially true for tours that use the Santa Cruz ferry boats. If you aren’t able to check-in yourself, make sure that you have someone with you who can fill in for you if needed.

To get to this island paradise, take the train south from the Santa Cruz ferries or the Santa Cruz train station. The next morning, you’ll be treated to views of Mount Shasta, the world’s highest peak. From there, the ferry tickets can be purchased and taken to your camp spot or guided tour.

Another popular route takes participants to the Santa Cruz Islands where the landscape is less rugged, making the whole trip a more enjoyable experience. It also costs less per day. To get to the Santa Cruz Islands, take the train south from the Santa Cruz ferries or the Santa Cruz train station. From there, the next morning, you’ll be treated to views of Mount Shasta, the world’s highest mountain.

End Note

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For those willing to go on a longer kayaking trip, the easiest way to plan the trip is on the internet. There are many online travel sites that offer discounted rates for overnight accommodations. The prices vary by each site. Kayaking holidays are the perfect way to see the country and have fun in the process. If you’re planning to go on a trip similar to this, check-in at least two days prior to the departure date and purchase your Santa Cruz Island ferry tickets ahead of time.

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