The Legend of the Cave of Wonders

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Legend of Makua Cave is written in the Mayan language, which according to some accounts got its name from the legendary hero, Makua. A gigantic limestone waterfall called “Cumbia” in the caves of “Kimba-Kao” near the village of Kayu-Palem in the Riviera Nayarit, Guatemala. Unfinished and uncultivated cave, sacred for local tribes, having a light on inside. The first description of such cave was made by Hidalgo in 1540

 The Story Of The Legendary Hero – Makua

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According to Hidalgo, the story of the legendary hero, Makua, is centered on his quest to find a light by which he can enter the underground world. Having no other means of reaching the cave, he places his torch against a rock, praying that it will give him light. But unfortunately, the flame would not budge even a millimeter from the rock, so he was forced to keep putting the torch there for several hours. Meanwhile, a fisherman named Waylon came over to assist Hidalgo. Waylon found out that the cave has a light within. He lit a candle there and brought it to Hidalgo, who then entered the cave.


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But before leaving the light, Hidalgo noticed a huge stone that had been bitten by a vicious snake. Realizing what must be done, he grabbed his axe and cut open the stone. The light that emanated from the inner side of the stone scared away the snakes and Hidalgo and Waylon returned to Kayu-Palem. From this point on, both men shared a dream of traveling through time and becoming the heroes of their legends.

Despite the many legends that have been attached with the Kaneana Cave, none of them have been proved true so far. Some however, insist that the cave did exist during ancient times because there are murals depicting paintings of people and animals in front of the cave. In addition, the artifacts that were found in the cave also strongly imply that it existed during prehistoric times. Another example of where the cave can be located is where it intersects the Puka Pukara River. This is the only known place where travelers can encounter the legendary “Cave of Wonders.”

Defeating The Evil Mojo 

Hidalgo is the most famous hero of all. He is credited with defeating the evil Mojo who resides in another dimension. Hidalgo later went on to found the kingdom of Puka Pukara, which is well-known for its stunning scenery and hospitality. This is the reason why Puka Pukara became the birth place for many legends regarding the kingdom. Some say that Mojo is the spirit of the ocean’s waves, while others believe that he is the manifestation of an ancient goddess. No matter what the truth might be, Hidalgo’s deeds have become a source of inspiration for people who would want to do good in the future.

Last Words 

These are just some of the reasons why people from all around the world want to visit the wonderful village of Kaneana Cave. It is a place that is famous for its beauty and it is said to be the location of the legendary cave. If you want to experience the wonder and excitement that can be experienced at the site, then you must go and see it for yourself.

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