Upper Makua Cave- Witness The Enthralling Beauty

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If you have a lust for hiking and want to check out the most beautiful places, you must not miss out on the Upper Makua Cave, located on Oahu. The west side of this place is gorgeous and contains marvelous picturesque places. You can lead your life full of adventures when you visit one of these caves, and it comprises a beautiful coastline. Today, the discussion will encompass how you can travel and hike to the Upper Makua Cave, and you will be ready to pack your bag right now. It will be best to go for the one-hour drive from Waikiki, but you can not expect any maintained hiking property. 

Here Are Some Things That You Should Know

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This particular cave is located on private property, and you should get proper permission before hiking on that trail. Otherwise, you can be fined, and there is a risk of getting a trespassing mark. It will take one to two hours, depending on the kind of pace that you have. You do not need an expert level of hiking skill, but it can be a problem even if you are a beginner. It will be ok even if you are intermediate, and there will be a loose rock in some sections. If you are careful enough to see where you are going, it will not be a complicated situation for you. The best part is that you can Hike on this place entirely for free. If you have a pet that you want to take along, it will be bad news for you because you have to keep them in your car. 

Things That You Should Bring Along

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Ensure that you have the bare hiking essentials along with you so that you do not feel unprepared. It is going to be scorching heat, and you should not forget your hat or water bottle. You should wear good hiking shoes and a good camera, and if you want to take good pictures, you should not forget your selfie stick and tripod combo. It is a picture, please, but you might feel exhausted after 2 hours of walking. You might feel hungry every now and then, which is why you should carry snacks and energy gels along with you. 

The beach will call you after along with them, and you would want to swim in the water. Therefore you should take some lightweight clothes along with you and also a swimsuit. 

Walking From The Parking Lot

After you park your car, you will have to take the road that you see first, and there will be a speed limit sign as well. It will be in a maintained place, so you have to be very closely observant to see where the trail is. You can expect certain things on this hiking trip, and it will be a short and steep trail to tread on. 


You should take slow steps one at a time so that you can complete the tricky situation. It will not be a tough hiking experience for you, but the overall day will be fantastic.

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