Winter Caving Tours in Blue Mountain North Carolina

winter caving tours blue mountain

Blue Mountain Caving & Skyline Rowing Club is an institution steeped in tradition. The club holds winter cave tours, summer cave excursions, summer camps, and other fun events. This group is more than just a weekend hobby. They have evolved into a membership organization that meets every week in the beautiful woods of North Georgia.

The Blue Mountain caving club meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM at their Shady Hollow location, which is just off Old Market Street in Blairsville. The Blue Mountain Caving & Skyline Rowing Club organizes a number of different activities for their members each week that are related to caves, such as Blue Ridge Caving & Skyline Rowing, Caving & Sailing, Appalachian Caving, Creek Caving, and more. The club also sponsors trips to mountainous areas all over the state of North Georgia.

Winter Caving Tours in Blue Mountain

A canyon with a mountain in the background

This is a great opportunity to get close to nature while having fun with others. These trips also help members learn new skills that they can use later on when they go on to explore caves in the winter. You will learn about the different types of caves. You may learn about the Black Mud Cave, which is very dark, cold, and scary. But, it is also full of beautiful scenery and fantastic wildlife.

The first thing you will learn on these tours is how to identify different caving areas and what makes each cave unique. You will learn what makes the Black Mud Cave unique. You will have the chance to go inside and get close to the cave. Most of these trips last about two hours, but you can be as long as you want.

You will be taken to the park headquarters and shown to your cabin. Once there, you will be given a map of the area, which has all the caves with outlines on them. You will need to bring this with you on the trip if you do not rent a guide. The guide will take you through all of the caves, explaining the history behind them. They will give you tips on where to go, what to look for, and even give you a little background on the animals that can be found in some of the caves.

There are a lot of different winter cave tours in the area, and they cater to everyone. If you are interested in more of a challenge, you can take a three-day trek up the mountains. You will be at the top in three days, and you will be able to explore a lot more of the cave system. If you would like a more guided tour, you can go on one of the weekend trips that are offered.

Spring Floods

A close up of a snow covered mountain

Blue Mountain is known for its spring floods, but it also draws people who just enjoy getting out and doing something new. The caves are filled with amazing wildlife, and you can get very involved in studying and exploring them. It is a unique experience, and many people are drawn into doing it. You may also get into other things such as nature conservation and even the scientific community.

A trip to Blue Mountain should definitely be part of any vacation. The caves are beautiful and offer a great view of the mountains that surround them. You’ll get to see a lot more than just a caveman when you visit Blue Mountain. You can also find a whole lot more caves here than you can find anywhere else. There is plenty of adventure to be had if you want it in your life.

Most people who go on cave tours like to stay at either Cabin rentals or Bed and Breakfasts. They provide the basic facilities and the essentials needed to make you comfortable. You’ll be able to find a lovely bed to sleep on, and the rooms have everything that you would need.

Things To Know

When you’re done with your tour, you will have so much more to look forward to. You can hike the mountains and go on a sightseeing trip to see the natural formations and wildlife that you’ve seen all along. You’ll even be able to do some fishing in one of the most popular lakes that flow through the Blue Ridge area. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to go out for the day and enjoy some river fishing or whitewater rafting. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit Blue Mountain at least once during your lifetime.

Bottom Line

No matter what your level of experience is with caving, you’re sure to find a few places in Blue Mountain that you’ll enjoy exploring. You’ll find that these tours are more than just an easy way to spend the day. They are educational and entertaining at the same time. You’ll spend the rest of the winter caving in Blue Mountain and be happy that you made an effort.

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